Water into Wine

The decorations are tidied away for another year and we look back on a busy and very fulfilling Christmas. As we have time to breathe, January is also a good time to catch up on reading and we were very pleased to see a feature on the Argentinean wines from Familia Zuccardi in Decanter Magazine this month. Their Serie A Malbec is our best-selling Malbec, which is no surprise, considering its fruity vibrancy and sheer drinking pleasure, combined with a great price.

The Zuccardi story has its beginnings in water rather than wine. Alberto Zuccardi (now 92 and still keeps a keen eye on the family business) was an engineer who was creating a cement pipeline bringing much needed water to the Mendoza region. To demonstrate the pipeline’s usefulness Alberto planted a vineyard there in 1963. At first it was no more than a byline, but when a new winery followed a few years later it was clear what his priorities really were. What started with water, quickly turned to wine.
At the time it was bulk wine, sold to the highest bidder, but it took Alberto’s son Jose (the current President of the company) to take the wines to the UK and establish the Zuccardi name firmly as one of the industry’s leaders. The quality of the wines speaks for itself owing to both Jose and now his son Sebastian, who joined the company in 2002 and has inherited much of his father’s enthusiasm and energy.
Article was written for the shop blog