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How Terribly Middle Class

someecards.com - Honey, why did you buy that middle class wine again?Have you worked out what class you belong to yet. I had a go and was really upset to find out I didn’t belong to the ‘Elite’. Clearly that must be because of my chronic lack of money and the fact that the survey didn’t even bother to ask what kind of wine I drink. Fortunately it did ask about my exercise regime, which is probably what lifted me out of the ‘Precariat’ section, that and the fact I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle.

Talking about exercise, the 5×50 Challenge is going well so far. Six days and counting, a solid pace and a lack of injuries are all good. The wine-blog-o-thon is also going reasonably well. I thought I would run out of inspiration after two days but I have surprised myself. I just hope someone is reading it, I wouldn’t want to do it for nothing you see!

You might have gathered from the ramble that I am ‘established middle class’. Really? I’m from the Netherlands, surely that makes me classless! What wine do you need to drink to be established middle class? Probably something under a tenner, as we are the ‘squeezed middle’ you know. Maybe something from the ‘new world’, France is too elitist, so I’m opting for Chile. I duly went to M&S, which I thought was suitably middle class, and picked up a bottle of the CM Carménère from the Elqui Valley for £7.99. Just the thing with a nice Indian curry. Is that middle class enough? Only I didn’t have curry because the Spanish tapas were on special offer, but it worked anyway. Quite an intense nose, almost port-like, with a lot of dried fruit character, prunes and even coffee. It doesn’t quite translate to the palate where it feels a bit hollow, quite hot and lacks a bit of freshness on the finish. I also didn’t find it as smooth and supple as it promises. Still, it is decent for the money if you like the dried fruit characters, but only if you’re middle class.

No wines were harmed in the writing of this post, but some may have been offended at being called middle class.