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The Perfect Nightcap

Just a quick update today as I’m a little busy. Got my 5k run in early and although still a bit cold the sun felt wonderful soothing. Spring has been a long time coming. ┬áMy head was still a little fuzzy from a late night. After a meal out with family we got back home and got stuck into the chocolate Easter eggs and a gorgeous bottle of Calvados. Not just any Calvados, might I add. All too often it is more like rocket fuel, but not this one. It has a beautiful sweet smell of apples, very clean and powerful. Smooth on the tongue with a nice amount of warmth and complexity. This is more like a good Cognac.

L. Dupont Calvados du Pays d’Auge comes with its own ‘appellation controlee’, similar to many wines. The type of apples used (more than 40 different types are allowed) and where they are grown are all important as well as how it has been distilled and matured. Here it has more in common with Cognac than with other fruit-based eau-de-vie. This one certainly tastes like no corners were cut. Proper Calvados has to come from Normandy and the Pays d’Auge forms the heartland of the Calvados region. All Calvados has to be made from apples, however if you see one labelled ‘Domfrontais’ it will have pears in the blend as well. Sip it neat and at room temperature from a brandy glass and savour it.