Hoping for a Miracle

As I struggle to get going on my next run for the 5×50 Challenge (and it’s only day 4!) I’m looking for a wine that can provide a real ‘pick-me-up’. Something with a spring-like aroma and a fresh, zesty taste. I opt for wine I often use in the Wine Unearthed workshops as the opening gambit.

The Amalaya Torrontes from Argentina has a wonderful balance. Torrontes can get a bit big and blowsy but this one is all ripe citrus with a subtle elderflower scent. The grapes are grown at altitude in an area called Salta, and the vineyards are amongst the highest in the world. This has quite a dramatic effect on the climate and does wonders for the resulting grapes. Dry, desert-like conditions and a big variation between day and night temperatures lengthen the ripening season giving real depth of character to the grapes. The other reason this wine has such a delicate balance of ripe grapefruit and zesty freshness is the addition of about 15% Riesling to the blend, giving it a wonderfully fresh finish.

The word Amalaya comes from an old indigenous Andean language and means ‘hope for a miracle’. That seems very appropriate under the circumstances and I keep hoping for a miracle to see me through 46 more days of keeping the legs as well as the inspiration going.

Find your local stockist here and expect to pay around £9.